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Our Service Portfolio

Managed Services & Outtasking
Managed Services & Outtasking

comebis’ experienced team designs and implements managed services for customers of various size. Contracting a managed service with comebis means gaining the benefits of high scalability and transparency.

The comebis team holds many years of experience and in-depth technical expertise in designing managed services for customers of various size. Our customers often choose to outtask certain non-core activities, thereby reducing costs significantly and focusing on their core business areas. A crucial component to such a solution is a joint agreement – the “Service Level Agreement” (SLA) – with all critical business key performance indicators for monitoring and measuring the service quality. Contracting a managed service with us, our customers gain the benefits of high scalability, transparency and budget savings. The operational responsibility for selected services is placed in the hands of our IT professionals. However, the full control of cost and quality remains with the customer at all times.


Application Management

On behalf of our customers, we take on the management of certain technical applications used within their firm. Our team has in-depth expertise in processes and tools for application lifecycle management, IT architecture, incident tracking and version management. This allows us to support our customers during installation, troubleshooting, release upgrades and roll-outs of new software releases. If incidents occur during operation, our experienced in-house team will resolve them quickly and reliably – always within the required response and solution times. On the basis of an individually agreed SLA, we further ensure the required availability of the applications. Of course, all incidents and service requests are processed through an ITIL-compliant service desk.



Test Management

comebis offers consultancy services and outtasking solutions in the areas of quality management and software testing. Our methodical approach – based on international standards – improves the quality of both the development process and the final piece of software significantly, thereby preventing the customer from an unacceptably high rate of incidents and, in the end, from high costs after the implementation of the software. All of our employees focusing on quality assurance and testing are ISTQB-certified. Completing our portfolio of test management services, we also provide solutions for the implementation of test automation and the operation of a test infrastructure.



Smart Sourcing

We support our customers during each phase of their sourcing projects. Our starting point is the development of an overall sourcing strategy, from which a concrete execution plan is derived. This provides a sound basis for carrying out the actual implementation. Thereby, our sourcing approach facilitates a streamlined course of action, which substantially benefits from our experience as well as predefined templates and processes with regard to aggregation, consolidation and order management. A key component of our solutions is the joint agreement with our customers on the catalogue of services to be rendered, service levels and key performance indicators. All of our projects feature a strong focus on three critical aspects relevant to our customers: shifting workload from our customers to us, providing accurate management reporting and achieving cost-efficiency.