comebis GmbH i.L.


comebis is a medium-sized consultancy and IT service provider being active for more than 10 years in the fields of Managed Services & Outtasking, Consulting & Service Delivery and Software Development.

Our range of services is aligned to the ambitious requirements of our international customers in the telecommunication and retail sectors, in particular. The comebis team has, therefore, developed a portfolio of products and services that is well suited to customers who have stringent demand in terms of expert knowledge, adherence to deadlines and transparency of costs.

A key factor for being a high quality provider are our approximately 400 consultants, who hold comprehensive knowledge from a wide range of business sectors and technologies and, thereby, add significant added value to our customers’ projects.

comebis – reliable and committed to the customer



Our Customers

Business Units

comebis professional services is a sourcing consultancy specializing in recruiting experts for specific IT projects and realizing entire customized sourcing and staffing solutions for comebis’ international customers.

CSO Computer Software Organisation is a consultancy specializing in SAP and Business Intelligence. We support our well-known customers during the concept, design, implementation and integration phases of innovative IT and product development projects.